Bluedio is not a household name in the electronic industry, but rest assured that the company is investing a great deal of energy and resources to change that through innovation and quality. Proof of that is their Bluedio R+ Legend model, which is already considered as one of the best wireless headphones under $100.

The R and R+ models received positive customer reviews since their release, and that’s why Bluedio decided to update the R+ model adding a couple of new technologies that provide some exciting features and come up with the R+ Legend. Bluedio R+ Legend kept all of the features that users loved from the initial model and added Bluetooth 4.0 and aptX.


·        Great sound quality: Bluedio R+ has an enormous number of drive units. You will probably not find another pair of headphones on the market with such a good sound for this price. Two out of the eight drive units are used as the main drivers. The other six drivers function as positional audio stabilizers. The goal is to provide a high quality three dimensional sound, which the R+ Legend manages to create.

·        Micro SD playback: The Bluedio R+ Legend allows its users to connect via a couple of different ways besides Bluetooth. If you can’t use Bluetooth or your device doesn’t support it, just plug-in the R+ Legend using a 3.55 mm audio cable that you can find in the package. The other even more interesting, and the innovative option is the ability to insert a micro SD card into the built-in Micro SD slot. This way, you don’t need to worry about the Bluetooth connectivity with your device or where the cable is.

·        Wide range of audio formats: You can play almost everything on the Bluedio R+ Legend, which is one more reason why they’re considered as one of the best wireless headphones under $100. Some of the formats include FLAC, MP3, WAV, and AAC.

·        Battery life: The Bluedio R+ Legend needs to charge somewhere between 3 and 4.5 hours on its base plugged in with a cable, but it’s worth the waiting. After this, you will get anywhere between 25-28 hours of listening. You will need to use a USB cable in order to charge the headphones, but it has a very minimalistic design, and you’ll be able to pack it in your pocket with ease.

·        Great design and very comfortable: The Bluedio R+ Legend are made out of plastic and chrome elements accompanied with excellent padding on the headband and earphones. They have a fresh design, but at the same time, they’re highly comfortable, and you can wear them with no problem until the battery is dead.


·        Sound Leakage: I don’t know if I would put this into scams as I like everybody else to hear what I am listening to, but it may be a problem for some of you that want to listen to music in the workplace. The Bluedio R+ Legend is so powerful that it can be used as a boombox in silent environments

·        Leaving your fingerprints everywhere: The design is very artistic, and it comes in a couple of color schemes, but the material used in the production is just messy. The sides are filled with chrome elements, while the rest of the headphones are made out of plastic and some padding. You will get your fingerprint stains all around them in no time. It’s just no esthetic.


Bluetooth 4.0 – The latest technology in the Bluetooth world

· NFC – Near Field Communication. Advanced communication between devices that use Bluetooth

· aptX – Great audio suspension driver included in the built-in Bluetooth 4.0 chip. You will need to download and install an aptX program on your own, though.

· Noise Cancellation


The Bluedio R+ Legend model is probably one of the best headphones under $100, and they’re undoubtedly the best wireless headphones under $100 using an innovative Bluetooth 4.0 technology accompanied by NFC and aptX solutions.