Sennheiser HD 650


· – Great audio reproduction

· – Great soundstage

· – Comfortable and stable design

· – Sturdy model

· – Comes with replaceable cables


· – Expensive model


Ask anyone who is into using the best headphones, and the answer would be that once in their life, they have tried a Sennheiser model. You would always end up with an excellent model design if you choose to get the Sennheiser 650 model. Just like any other of the models from the same company, you will not be disappointed.

It has smart features that make them great for multiple applications for both domestic and professional users. They should easily fit quite quickly as compared to the other types of earcups you may have used before. Most people felt that the overall comfort was great and kept them using it for a long time to come when the other models would only last for a few months.

The Sennheiser HD 650 Review

Great in details

The model is designed to be celebrated in every aspect. Starting with the outer look to its overall functionality. The first thing you would note when listening to music should be its exceptional transducer. The transducer gives you an outstanding performance that you will always like.

It does not take long to listen to the headphones to start liking the model. Since it is made to be low in distortion, that takes away what people would feel when it comes to paying for the headphones. They can be high in styling, but still, you have to spend a lot of money if you have to own it.

For its high reliability to handle various applications, it is the reason you would such a model commonly used by multiple people with different tastes in headphones. You can use it if you are a professional or only looking for some fabulous headphones you could use for watching a movie at home.

Sound quality

One of the reasons that make someone opt for the HD 650 model is because of the sound quality that they can deliver. Many experts can agree that the model offers a great audio reproduction that still comes with minimal distortion. The sound quality can be linked to the HD 600, but it is often seen to be better even at the higher frequencies.

The bass range offered for the model is quite likable for a large group of people. The overall bass is slightly emphasized as compared to the HD 600 model. This means that you get more bass punch by over 3dB as compared to the previous model. The next time you listen to tracks through these headphones, you can always expect that the music would have a bit of warmth in it.

The mid-range performance is still impressive. The response is seen to be flat throughout, which should not be bad for headphones of this range. They are simply at the right field that makes listening to music better as compared to models that would have too high mids.

The same can be said for the treble. It is always made to deliver a high performance, as the treble is always well balanced and consistent. The treble is still better than what you used to hear from the HD 600 model. It might be slightly hyped, but it is worth every penny that you pay for the headphones.

Thanks to the high-quality neodymium-magnet drivers, you will always end up with a good soundstage from the headphones. The decent response that you get from the model gives you a vast soundstage in the head that you feel being part of the sound too. Let us say that the overall sound quality should get you excited about owning this model.

Low distortion

Anyone going to spend a lot of money on the HD 650 headphones would want to be sure that it is going to deliver the right performance. You would be happy to know that the headphones have a low distortion level of the sound.

The distortion levels have been kept low, thanks to the improvement of the magnetic structure of the model. At the high frequencies, it can still deliver the right sound quality because of the aluminum voice coil windings.

The idea of pair matching the headphones making sure that the distortions are brought down, has generated good results for this model quite well. You should be able to appreciate the model of headphones, knowing that they can offer a tremendous low distortion sound.


If you were some who likes fashion, then you would not mind buying yourself these headphones. It might have a few minor changes from the HD 600 model, but it is all worth it. You get a two-tone dark gray and an additional black color scheme. The top glossy coating should make the headphones look great in every aspect. You will be amazed by the high-quality silver finish in some of the places of the headphones.


The model comes with the large earcups that will fully cover the ears. It does not matter the size of your ears; you will always find that they are a comfortable fit for most people. The suede-like fabric you get with the model should be great to feel on the skin. It does not make you easily sweat when wearing the model.


· It offers excellent audio reproduction than its predecessor

· It has a great soundstage that keeps you engaged

· It has sleek comfort

· It is a very strong comfort model

· It comes with replaceable cables


· The open back design tends to leak sound a lot

· It is not the best for noise isolation

· It is an expensive model


If you have always been looking for a great way to listen to some music tracks or watch movies, then you would enjoy the use of the Sennheiser HD 650 model. The headphones can give you a well-balanced and clear sound that you have always looked at in headphones.

Yes, it can seem to cost a lot for headphones, but you can always be sure that it will give you the right performance you have always wanted. It is still worth every penny that you will spend getting it.