Sennheiser HD 700


· – Comfortable

· – Outstanding sound clarity

· – Wide soundstage

· – Extremely detailed


· – Price too high

· – Improvement in bass


The Sennheiser HD 700 headphones have been on the market for a few years now. It seems like the company is not eager to change them at all. This is because of the great things you get to experience with the model. Most manufacturers would not hesitate to pump in new models every year, but Sennheiser takes time to make a model that can be great to use for many years to come.

When other companies would be pushing hard so that their products can be known worldwide, Sennheiser lets the world quickly learn about the headphones from other users. Once a user is satisfied with a model, you can quickly get such a person sharing such information with others.

The HD 700 model easily fits in the modern-day type of setting. It is possible to use this type of headphones to enjoy listening to music or even watch movies. We get to look at more features why you are likely to get more people using this type of headphone.

The Sennheiser HD 700 Review

Build and design

Sennheiser rarely disappoints the users when it comes to design. The company did the same thing with designing and building the HD 700 model. Some might say that it shares some design features with the D 800, but it often starts to be distinctive on its own. If you get to compare its design with other comparable models, then it is when you can decide if it is worth it or not.

One important thing you would note about this model is the use of complicated seams and sections. The first thing about these seams is that they give you the right design structure and still help dampen the vibrations. With the waves eliminated, the distortion is reduced, and it keeps the sound pure.

Other features to note on the part of the design would be the open back feature, the silvery sections, and a fine steel mesh. Such features are the signature moves offered by Sennheiser. You can always expect that most of its products will have such components.

Behind the steel mesh, there are impressive 40 mm drivers important for delivering the best sound quality. The ear cups, too, are designed to be the right size for wearing so that you feel comfortable each time you are using the headphones.

The sound quality

No one feels comfortable buying headphones without knowing more about the sound quality. You are probably buying them to listen to music most of the time, so you want them to be perfect. The HD 700 without a doubt has its spot reserved when it comes to the delivery of excellent sound quality at all times.

The model has it’s sound incredibly balanced so that it can sound great with various types of sound sources. You can use it for your phone, laptop, or any other media device, and the sound quality would remain top-notch.

The use of the reliable 40 mm drivers gives it a high performance most people would want in headphones. You would not end up regretting why you had to choose it in the first place. Since it has the magnetic system highly ventilated, it can minimize the air harmonic and turbulence. Your sound will not have any intermodulation distortion thanks to such features from the company.

As much as having the open back design might make the sound to leak, you still get the right music from these headphones. You will have no problem enjoying your tracks, even with such a design.

The comfort

Before, you would want to spend a lot of money on the headphones to get the right support. That is no longer the case when choosing the HD 700 model. It is averagely priced but still has the best help as the high-end models.

To make it comfortable for most people, the company had to make it lighter. You will not have to worry so much about using a model that feels too heavy to wear. It only weighs 300 grams as compared to other models that consider more.

The use of microfiber pads is better than leather pads. The microfiber pads are known to be softer and will end up offering more air circulation to the users. You do have to worry about ending up with sweaty ears after wearing the headphones for a while.

The clamping force you get from the earcups is just within the right range, so that you do not feel that the headphones are tightly squeezing your head to pop. The adequate padding also helps to keep the headphones feeling comfortable.


Someone getting this model may be looking to travel a lot too. It does not always have to be the headphones you get to use at home alone. You can enjoy using headphones while on a trip as they are highly portable. The manufacturer sends you the headphones with the right casing for carrying the headphones around.

If you have to travel with them, place them in the carrying case, and you are good to go. The carrying case is padded to ensure that the headphones are well protected from any damage.


· These headphones have been built to be comfortable

· They come in a durable and premium carrying case

· They are made to have outstanding sound clarity

· The headphones offer a wide soundstage important for watching movies

· They come as extremely detailed to make them different and better


· The price is still too high for most people

· It could use improvement in bass


A company such as Sennheiser would always have so much to offer in terms of headphones. The company has specialized in delivering the best products people need. The HD 700 has proven to be a great product from the company. It has multiple great features, just as good as the other higher models from various manufacturers. You will have no problem owning HD 700 headphones.