Sennheiser HD 800 Reference Dynamic Headphone


· – Impressive sound quality

· – Ergonomic ear cups

· – Long listening hours


· – Expensive for most people

The Sennheiser HD 800 headphones were created to ensure that they deliver the best sound as compared to the other types of headphones in the market. This means that you would also get to enjoy using the headphones more often thanks to the excellent listening experience you get from them.

With the impressive sound quality, it is possible to have them being used by the professionals for audio recording and regular listeners who just admire quality sound at all times. It is not just about the sound quality, but also the design. It comes with a unique that intrigues you to choosing the headphones today. We get to check out the reasons why many people would opt for these types of headphones.

Sennheiser HD 800 Headphones Review

Sound quality

The fantastic sound quality you get from the headphones is thanks to the use of the ring radiator transducer. The technology is patented, so you can expect only to experience it when using the HD 800 headphones.

The transducers made for this type of headphones are known to deliver exceptional performance you can always enjoy. The 56-millimeter diameter driver should be one of the largest in the industry of headphones. We all know how the more significant the diameter of the driver, the better you end up with more sound.

The dynamic driver used for the headphones will deliver a rich and full sound. Not many people would want to switch back to their previous headphones after testing this out. The driver is also designed to reduce any cases of sound distortion that might be experienced in other models of headphones.

The transducers are also angled forward so that the sound can easily be driven into the listener’s ears. You also get an open and extensive spatial presentation as compared to the other models of headphones on the market.

The sound quality is not just about having the right drivers, but also the design. For this model, it comes with an open back design architecture. Such a plan should help promote having a clear and detailed sound in the end.


Think of the products coming from a company such as Sennheiser. You can always expect that they would have the best strength at all times. Well, that is what you get when buying the HD 800 model. The company used high-quality materials to make the best headphones you could use for various uses around the house or even as a professional artist.

Another reason to believe in its durability is that the model is built in Germany. The country is known for making the best products from their ingenuity to the performance. You can now relax, knowing that you just go yourself the right type of headphones for various uses.

Luxurious ear cushions

It is common to find that some headphones would easily be fabulous for long listening sessions, while others might only be great for an hour or two. As for the HD 800 model series, they are made to have luxurious ear cushions essential for long listening sessions. The next time you are going on a long trip, you simply have to get yourself these headphones, and you should be good to go.

The luxurious ear cushions are thanks to the microfiber ear pads. These ear pads are known fear adding the best comfort that you could ever ask for.

Ergonomic ear cups

As for comfort, you would want to always end up with the right type of ear cups. Some of the common issues people face with ear cups are that they can feel sweaty or too hard on the ears. All that is different from the ergonomic ear cups of the HD 800. The ear cups come as ergonomically designed so that they feel just right on your ears.

They are made to be ultra-lightweight so that you can wear headphones throughout the day. The use of a stainless steel mesh helps with protecting the transducers. You will now end up with better comfort and improved acoustic performance.

Damped Headbands

If the ear cups are comfortable and the headband is just a piece of metal, then you might have trouble wearing such type of headphones for longer. For this model, the headband comes with a metal frame sandwiched between layers of dampening polymers. The work of such polymers is to help to eliminate unwanted vibrations from the ear cups. The comfort of the headband should keep you loving the headphones even more.

Insulated Cables

A lot goes into creating the perfect sound response from the headphones. For this model, you get the cables insulated so that they do not end up causing low-quality sound. The wires are impedance matched to aid with the twin-core connection. Not many manufacturers would take more time to keep the wires insulated correctly from the frequency disturbance commonly from the ambient noise around you.

Pros & Cons


· The significant drivers in the headphones deliver impressive sound quality

· The headphones have a great design that you can enjoy displaying anytime

· The ear cups and cushions are made to be luxurious to provide enough comfort

· The damped headband should make it easy for you to enjoy long listening hours

· The ergonomic ear cups easily fit people with different ear sizes

· The open back design helps in delivering a clear sound at all times


· The headphones are costly for most people

· The open back design makes the sound leak to the environment


From the review above, it is more reason to understand why people are always giving the Sennheiser HD 800 headphones a high rating. You, too, can now enjoy the many benefits it has to offer if you get to choose them today for yourself.

It might have a few drawbacks here and there, but most of the merits of using the headphones outshine the cons. Starting with the sound quality to the durability of the model, you can always find yourself choosing this model more often. There is a lot more to enjoy with the headphones once you get to choose them today.