· – Premium carrying case

· – Sophisticated modern design

· – Self-adjusting housings


· – Minor distortion

The model tops as one of the best headphones with impressive bass that most people could also enjoy using. The acoustic system integrated with the model gives the user a different sound experience that would make them feel the worth of getting the headphones in the first place. Many people who have used it before can agree that it is one of the best things they have used in terms of headphones.

We get to look at some of the features that would make this model easily stand out as being one of the best as compared to some other top models on the market.

Harman Kardon CL Precision Review

The build quality

You get to love them for being the closed-back headphones and being dressed in sandblasted steel. From such construction, they have an industrial look as compared to some models that cost the same price.

Having to use the steel frame is essential for giving them more robustness. Such excellent build quality would translate into better durability for such headphone types. The steel frame also extends to the earpad section making it even rigid and more durable.

The earpads come covered in leather and also magnetic fixing for the earpads. This means that you can easily replace the earpads if they end up getting destroyed.

Underneath these pads, you get the custom made drivers necessary for the sound quality you get when listening through the headphones. These drivers have the unique baffle design essential for extending the bass frequencies.

So, how do the headphones feel? Most people would want to be sure that it is a comfortable model before buying one. With its build quality and padded earpads, the headphones or sure feel comfortable. They do think with the right pressure when you get to wear them.

There is the memory foam fitted around the earpads so that they can quickly provide on your ears over time. The model overall feels light even with the use of a steel frame to keep reliable and high quality.

Ease of adjustment

The best headphones have to be often adjustable so that they can fit the user quickly and correctly. For this model, it is made to have its pads easily swivel around in both clockwise and anti-clockwise. You can turn them in a specific direction if you are looking to make them compact for storage.

Folding them flat is one thing you will love. Once they are folded, you can easily slide the whole unit into the carry pouch with ease. The manufacturer is great enough to provide the users with the carry pouch so that portability is even better.

It is still possible to perform some height adjustments with the model. The area under the headband is made to flex for accommodating different head shapes and sizes quickly. For those with a more sizeable head, the manufacturer provides a larger band included in the box. You have to swap for the smaller one and start using the headphones.

The best part is that installing a more substantial band is not a troublesome process. You have to slide out the leather cushion found on either side of the group. Once the earpads are detached, you can now attach them to the other hand. Just like that, you can switch the headbands for the right feel.

Sound quality

There is no doubt that the sound quality is the most crucial feature of the headphones. It has to be great, or people would not like the headphones. For this model, the manufacturer made it better by including 40 mm drivers. These drivers end up producing an excellent frequency response for the best natural tone ever.

Since the speakers have a wide dynamic range, the reproduction of the music is quite realistic. With the unique baffle design, it is able to create more airflow and would extend the sound at the low frequencies.

These headphones are known for being quite good with the bass performance. The reason is that the model comes with a brass tube. It works just as a tuned bass port. The work of such a feature is to boost the bass performance. Compare this model to other types, and you will notice it is by far one of the best with exceptional bass response.

Listening to different genres of music through these headphones quickly makes a person notice that they are using one of the top models in the market. It responds well to the different types of music and gives you the best bass you need accompanying the music. They should be fun to use when looking to enjoy some music while on a long trip.

Such features are what get this model to be among the top models with impressive bass response at any time.

Decent noise isolation

As much as the manufacturer did not make them as noise-canceling headphones, they are still high when it comes to noise isolation. The noise isolation feature is enhanced by having a proper seal of the headphones around the ears, thanks to the best fitting pads.

For an average commute on a train or bus, you would feel their importance. You would not have to deal with the noise on the bus or train. If you need to block all the noise, you would have to choose a different model. With the option of having a closed model, you do not have to worry that the music from the headphones would leak to the environment.


· It has a sophisticated modern design

· It has an optimized driver system

· It comes with a premium carrying case

· It has a self-adjusting housings


· The earcups can feel uncomfortable over long listening sessions

· There is a minor distortion for top volumes


The manufacturer of this model knew what would make people get to enjoy when using the headphones. It is the reason you find it has some superior features found in high-end models. It makes it be readily applauded for having the right features, but still at the correct price for most users. If you like its features, you can always get one for yourself.