Are you a sporter or you want to exercise to keep fit? Using or doing sports gets more interesting when getting some music from headphones. This is why we all try as much as possible to get the best running headphones to motivate us during or sessions.

If you are thinking of getting running headphones or at the verge of getting one (maybe already at the store), I’ll advise you to step back and look at some tips that will guide you to purchasing the best running headphones.

1. Budget:

You have to consider this before any other factor. Getting the best headphones depends on your budget. Most high quality and durable running headphones are expensive and might be too costly for you. You need to critically decide how much you can spend on getting the best headphones and determine to stick to it.

2. Durability:

To determine the right headphones, the headphones have to be durable. No good headphones develop a technical fault in less than six months. You have to ask people who have used them and test it by yourself to prove the durability. Online reviews could be faked, so do not rely solely on them. If you meet up to three people who said the headphones are not durable, then, please drop it.

3. Water resistance:

During sports, a lot of sweat is released, and this comes in contact with the headphones most times. To get the best headphones for sporters, you need to identify a pair of headphones that do not develop a fault on coming in contact with moisture or sweat.

4. Wireless headphones:

While running or doing any other sports, there is a lot of hand and body motion. The last thing any sporter will wish for is getting entangled in his or her wires. Therefore, while looking for the best running headphones, it is advisable to opt for wireless headphones to give you enough space for motion without getting entangled.

5. Comfort:

In choosing the best running headphones, look out for headphones that are comfortable to the ear. If they are in-ear headphones, make sure they are soft and do not cause pain to the outer and middle ear. If they are over-the-head headphones, make sure they are not too heavy for your ears. Also, make sure they can be adjusted to fit your head size, so it does not disturb you while you are doing the sport.

6. Open or closed:

This is dependent on your personal choice.

Open: If your sporting session is based on instructions from a trainer, then, the best running headphones in your case will be an open headphone. This is a headphone that sill lets you hear what is going on around you and in your surroundings. This will enable you to listen to the instructions from your trainer and also enjoy the music from the headphones.

Closed: If you are having a private or self-trained sporting session and you do not want any distractions from your surroundings, then, you should opt for the closed headphones. This way, all noise and distractions are blocked out, and you focus on only what is playing from the headphones and your sport.

7. Noise reduction vs Sound quality:

this factor is also based on personal choice.

Noise reduction headphones will be considered the best choice if you are not interested in high-quality sounds but want sounds to make the background sounds vague around you. These types of headphones do not equalize the different parts such as bass, classical etc. so well but play the music regularly.

Sound quality: If you are after quality sound production, then you should consider headphones that produce the different parts and genres excellently, eg. Bass etc.

8. Spare parts:

In choosing the best running headphones, it is better to go for running headphones that have spare parts from the company such as ear cusps, wires etc. This way, you are assured of original spare parts if any of the pieces get faulty. All you need do is get a service technician to fix the spare parts for you.

These are the essential tips in choosing the best running headphones for sporters. I do hope after reading this article; you would make the right choice when buying your running headphones.