You are looking for the best gaming headphones. Let’s read some useful tips below to help you make the right decision easier.

11 points you need to know to get the best gaming headphones

1. Budget

If you are a gadget freak, getting a new pair of gaming headphones might reduce your wallet because you will not mind paying any amount, no matter how large, for the best gaming headphones. Do some research online or window shopping and compare prices of different gaming headphones to get the best gaming headphones you desire. There is also a need for you to set a budget before going to the gadget store to buy the gaming headphones and stick to your budget. I know the excellent quality of the gaming headphones is essential, but if it is way past your budget, please drop it and get anyone or go to another gadganyonee.

2. The brand is not always quality

When you get to the gadget store, or you do your online research, you will discover that some brands of gaming headphones are particularly popular and hence, have a high price tag. For example, Beats by Dre has serious celebrity backing, and it goes for high pricing. You should know that in shopping for your gaming headphones do not just lookout for the “reigning” gaming headphones but the best gaming headphones you can find. Because it is popular, does not mean it is the best gaming headphones. You should not be carried away by the popularity, but focus on the quality.

3. Test it with your ears and do not just read reviews

In shopping for gaming headphones, reviews are not the ideal way of knowing the best. You are advised to work up to the gadget store and test the selected gaming headphones with your ears to get the best gaming headphones. That way, you would be very confident about the pros and cons of each gaming headphone. Besides, not because it was beautiful for an individual gamer means you will like it. Remember, there could be fake reviews and ratings, or you could be sent an inferior headphone.

4. Wireless Headsets

No gamer would love to get entangled in his wires when gesturing to make a motion in his game. It can get very frustrating when you are trying to perform a killer action in Mortal Kombat, or you are about to score the winning goal in your FIFA game, and you get entangled in the wires connecting your gaming headphones to your PC or game console. When shopping for gaming headphones, it is advisable to opt for wireless headphones as this keeps you free, does not decrease motion and gives you enough space. This is a good quality that can determine the best gaming headphones to purchase.

5. Microphone

If you are a gamer playing games like “Call to Duty” that needs you to communicate with other players, you should certainly be considering gaming headphones that come with microphones. Some games also need gaming headphones with mikes to be able to give instructions to your team or make changes in your settings. It would help if you also had a receiver that is clear, loud and can detect faint and far voices so your teammates can always hear you clearly and loud.

6. Comfort

You would not want to get a gaming headphone that will be causing pain and undue stress to you. If you are a gamer that spends many hours on his PC or game console at a stretch, this should probably be tops of your list. Most times, cheap gaming headphones do not have comfort as a priority and can cause headaches in the long run. You can use these questions to decipher how comfortable it is:

 Is it too heavy for my ear?

 Is it adjustable to fit my head size?

 Is the padding soft enough to prevent ear pain later?

 Twenty minutes of testing the gaming headphone are enough time to know the answer to these questions.

7. Durability

You definitely would not want to be in a situation where you have cause to go back shopping for gaming headphones after a month or two. Look out for durable headphones as the headphones would be used quite often or very often if you are a regular gamer. Do not buy inferior headphones maybe because they are cheap or they are attractive.

8. Spare parts

When shopping for gaming headphones, look out for headphones that come with original spare parts from the company. This way, you would have original parts to replace old ones if they are faulty or worn out. Buying fake spare parts that keep spoiling over and over again can really be frustrating. Some headphones come with additional wires. Extra ear cusps etc. You could carry these parts to a service technician to fix it, in case the headphone parts get faulty. You might find yourself using your gaming headphones for years because of this.

9. Sound quality and Bass

The bigger gaming headphones generally produce better sound quality. Although some expensive headphones give from 5.1 to 7.1 real surround sound, a standard 50mm gaming headphone that is bigger might sound better or almost the same if surround sound is not mandatory. In buying gaming headphones, the quality of Bass produces should also be considered if you want the game to appear like it is happening in real life. Small earphones due to their driver do generally not create the full impact of Bass that will make you feel it. You may be able to hear the lowest frequencies, but the effect will be less.

10. Noise-cancelling

You might want to opt for a noise-cancelling headphone if you are not after sound quality, but you intend to block out noise from your surrounding when gaming.

11. Open or Closed

A free gaming headphone should be considered if you still want to hear what is happening in your environment alongside the gaming sounds. It keeps your ear cool and does not really disturb the situation with the gaming noise. However, if you want to hear your gaming sounds exclusively, without being distracted by the noise in your background, you should opt for a closed gaming headphone. This is ideal in letting you hear all the details while gaming, even in a noisy area and does not disturb the environment at all with the sounds.

Next time you go shopping for gaming headphones, do well to put these tips into practice, and you would likely get the best gaming headphones you would undoubtedly enjoy.