Sometimes we meet problems when dealing with our personal computers and headphones. While some people experience trouble because of compatibility and driver faults, others also experience low volume headphones in their networks, even if the volume is at the highest peak.

Knowing how to make your headphones louder than usual is advantageous because this can be a life hack that everyone does not know. Some just settle for the general settings they are provided, without exploring the best output their headphones can give.

Each headphone varies when it comes to the volume they could produce, but they could be mended. We provide you some of the troubleshooting guidelines that you can quickly follow.

Performing a sound system test

One way to check that your external headphones are working is to check if your internal headphones are working too. To do this, you need to perform a Windows sound system test to make sure that your built-in headphones/audio are working. Follow these steps:

1. Disconnect all your external headphones

2. Click Start

3. Click Control Panel

4. Click Hardware and Sound

5. Click Sound

6. Click Speakers and Headphones

7. Click Configure

8. Click Test to check if you can hear anything. If not, then your built-in audio is faulty. This may affect your external headphones’ audio capability.

9. If you hear something, continue troubleshooting your external headphones

Connecting the external speakers/headphones correctly

When you are using external speakers or headphones, make sure that the cables are securely attached to the computer. The cable connectors are color-coded to help you identify where to insert the wires.

To check your external headphones and speakers, follow these steps:

1. Disconnect your headphones/speakers from your PC.

2. Insert it again. The connector is marked with a speaker or headphones icon.

3. Test the Sound

· Click Start

· Go to Control Panel

· Click Hardware and Sound

· Click Change systems sound under Sound

· Select an option on the Program that has the sound icon

· Click Test and press are, Ok.

Configuring external headset correctly

If your external headphones are connected but are not very audible, you need to check if the device configured and installed. Do the steps below:

1. Click Start

2. Go to Control Panel and then Hardware and Sound

3. Click Manage Audio Devices on the Sound window

4. Click the Headphones icon to enable the configure button

5. Click Configure

6. On the Audio Channels, select the option that represents your headphones setup

7. Click Test

8. If the Sound is working, the Configure button would be changed to Next

9. Click Next

10. Follow instructions on the screen

If it doesn’t solve the problem, try checking if your headphones are causing the problem. Try connecting your headphones to other PCs or laptops.

Installing the latest drivers

One of the reasons why your headphones and speakers are not working is that your hardware is not compatible with your software settings, or you don’t have any settings to accommodate the equipment at all.

This can be solved by installing the latest updates for your drivers. You can:

· Go to the Microsoft website (if you are using Microsoft) and search for updated drivers for your model. Make sure that you select your type of operating system. Indicate if you are using Windows 7, 8 or Windows 10

· Use Support Assistant to scan for updated drivers for your operating system. You can use the Microsoft Windows Update Utility.

       1. Just click Start, type into the search bar “update,” and select Windows Update.

       2. From there, you can install updates for your operating system, including the drivers for speakers and headphones.

How to make headphones louder on Smartphone

There are numerous tricks to make your headphones on your Smartphone increase volume. One way to do this is to install applications that enable you to have features of audio control. For instance, Spotify has a Playback setting that allows you to modify the sound equalizer.

Another way is when your device is rooted. With this, you can download and update your device to let you exceed the maximum volume of your device. Other Android versions, especially the new ones, have better audio settings that others, while others have a good and well-equipped equalizer too.

The pro of this is that iOS device are too impossible to root, so mostly, devices that are rooted are android.

Headphone Hacks:

1. To have headphones that produce a good and loud sound, choose the right pair. This does not mean buying costly headphones, but see to it that the item provides an excellent maximum potential

2. One of the problems of having inaudible headphones is that they are often tangled. Make sure that you keep tangle-free by putting some

3. Always keep them clean.

4. To optimize your headphones, you can use paper cups as your speakers. Find out how this post.

Pro Tip:

If you think you are not still satisfied with the output of your headphones, there are still other alternatives to do it. However, it may mean extra costs for specific items.

One way to have a great sounding experience is to have a top studio monitor that would surely increase your volume up. Studio monitors are designed to provide professional audio production applications.


So, those are the steps and techniques on how to troubleshoot and make your headphones and speakers increase their volumes. There are a lot of alternatives that you can do if you want to achieve a very loud sounding experience, and we just provided you some of the ways on how to do it. Make sure to check if you have obvious problems such as faulty headphones before configuring it through your Smartphone or personal computers. If it works, continue troubleshooting using the instructions we have just given you.

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