Bose QuietComfort 15 Acoustic


· – Excellent noise canceling

· – Loud and accurate audio

· – Long battery life


· – Expensive model

Getting yourself a product from Bose Company is always a sure way of saying that you made the right decision. When it comes to the best noise-canceling headphones, you can always expect that the Bose Quietcomfort 15 is not any different. You will always have an easier time deciding on choosing them as they come from a great company.

The QuietComfort 15 headphones come with multiple features you would always like. The features include a significant reduction in the noise, a sturdy look, and feel, interchangeable audio cables, inline microphone remote, and much more.

As you can see, you must be now intrigued to learn more about the headphones before you can now buy them. They are always made to deliver the right type of sound so that you have a great time listening to music. Let us get to check out some of the essential features that make it great for use today.

Bose Quietcomfort 15 Review


The manufacturer took more time to understand more what people want in the headphones today. It is the reason that the design makes it great to use by multiple people who are looking to get themselves the right headphones today.

The headband and inner earcups might be made of plastic, but the foam wrapping makes it all better. The memory foam used is essential to ensure that you get to feel that is comfortable whenever wearing it.

The exterior of the headphone earcups are made of matte silver, which gives it a chrome finish that looks amazing. There is an additional round port integrated at the bottom of the earcups to draw in air essential to enhance the bass.

The manufacturer designed the battery compartment to integrate with the whole headphone design seamlessly. The battery would be used to power the headphones so that they can provide the noise cancellation feature.

Comfort levels

The manufacturer built the Quietcomfort 15 model to be great for business travel. The model had to be comfortable so that people who are going on long flights would always end up making the most of their trip. You can now comfortably listen to music as you wait for the next meeting.

Comfort is not just the padding we usually get from the headband and earcups, but also the weight. The model comes weighing only 6.4 ounces. At such a burden, you can easily see why many people would want to end up with such a model. It is among the most lightweight and performance headphones on the market today.

Sound quality

Being Bose, the company had to come up with the right type of technology to ensure that the sound was just right when using these headphones. The use of the TriPort acoustic headphone structure gives it a lifelike sound experience. This type of music should help you relax with ease when you are coming from a hectic day at work.

The model still comes with an active equalizer for making sure that the sound is evened out. The equalization process will tune the frequency response of the headphones so that you end up with an outstanding audio performance that works excellent for you.

The sound quality is also boosted thanks to the design of the headphone. It comes with a proprietary design that helps establish an acoustical seal that ensures your sound quality remains to be great even if the noise-canceling feature is not turned on.

Inline remote

You will get a 65-inch audio cable essential for connecting the headphones to your media device. That is not the only thing that the cable does, as it still comes with an inline remote containing three buttons. With these buttons, you can easily skip the tracks, control volume, and answer or ignore calls.

Let us say you were listening to tracks using your mobile device; you do not have to disconnect the headphones each time someone calls. With such flexibility, it is easy to see why more people would want to use such headphones.

Noise-canceling feature

Noise cancellation is a critical feature today when it comes to enjoying your music without having to listen to the outside noise. Bose as a company is often the best in the business for making the right noise-canceling headphones.

The headphones come with microphones strategically placed inside and outside of the headphone earcups to help identify and isolate the noise from outside. The result is that you will always have a great time listening to your jams without necessarily being disturbed while in a noisy setting.

A couple of reviews have tried the model on the subway while going to work and also during the rush hour in various cities. The results have always shown that the model can effectively block the noise, even when the source of noise is close to you.

Battery life

With the active noise-canceling feature, it is essential to get a model that has the battery power to power such a circuit. You are in luck when buying this model. It can last up to 35 hours on a single AAA battery. It is easy to wear them daily, knowing that they would offer the right performance on battery life so that you can always enjoy the music.

In the event the battery dies, you can still keep on listening to the music through the headphones. The battery is only used to power the noise canceling circuit.


· The model ear cups easily swivel for portability and storage

· It comes with a long battery life for noise cancellation

· It offers excellent noise-canceling feature

· It has a loud and accurate audio

· It is a comfortable fit always


· It is an expensive model

· It feels too tight for some people


If you are going to be on a long trip, it is always possible that you can benefit from using these headphones. The headphones have been made to be perfect for travelers who are looking for headphones with noise cancellation feature and also a longer battery life. With the overall comfort always being high, you can expect that more people would want to use it more often.