· – Great sound experience

· – Great for receiving calls

· – support simultaneous connections


· – Issues with battery life

A lot goes into making sure that you get the best headphones whenever you decide to get one for yourself. The manufacturers would take more time to give you the best sound quality and other features. It is what you get if you buy the TaoTronics Bluetooth headphones. They have created these headphones to deliver on the expectations that many people want in headphones today.

Some of the great features include impressive durability, new Bluetooth functionality, great sound, double link connection, and many others. If you are interested in buying the best headphones, you can check out more information about these headphones below.

Review of TaoTronics Bluetooth Headphone

Impressive pure sound

If you need the best performance, the chances are that you will need the best headphones that can deliver excellent sound quality. There is no need to settle for less when you are looking to spend more on the headphones.

You will not be disappointed by the sound quality that you get from the headphones. They are designed with the famous TaoTronics feature AptX Pure Sound, which makes sure that you get clear sounds at always.

It is common for most people not to think even about comparing the wired and wireless models such as this one. With the use of this high technology, it is now possible for you to experience the same sound quality as the wired headphones.

Enhanced Bluetooth capability

Bluetooth technology has been growing over the years until now, where it is in the fourth version. As you can expect, there have been significant improvements to make sure that technology is excellent and delivers on the expectations of many people who need to use such technology.

These headphones have been built to have Bluetooth 4.1, which is impressive on all levels. This version of Bluetooth delivers on fast and efficient sound transfer between your media device and the headphones.

Thanks to the Bluetooth technology, a person is still able to experience a quick response to the commands and also operates at a lower frequency. You will not even experience any lags with the sound as they can run for longer and smoother.

Hands-free calling

Many people would not want to be kept away from their smartphones for long. Well, it is the reason you can still enjoy listening to music straight from your phone. You do not have to buy an additional device to store your music. Since you will be using the smartphone most of the time, what happens if someone calls you and you are plugged in listening to your music.

Well, you do not have to disconnect your headphones, but pick calls with the headphones still paired with your phone. The use of a precise voice capture noise cancellation technology helps in making sure that there is clear communication as if you were speaking through your phone directly.

More connections

The TaoTronics Bluetooth headphones are different from multiple features that you could use today. One feature that stands out should be the double-link technology. The work of this technology is to help create two simultaneous connections. This means that you can connect the headphones to your phone and tablet. To control playing the music, you can pause one playing from your phones and start playing the next from your tablet.

Designed for a perfect fit

No one would want to end with earbuds that can easily fall out of the ears when walking around. These headphones present a great way of helping you keep the earbuds in your ears all the time until you have to take them out later on.

The manufacturer sends you the product with three differently sized earbuds. They are designed this way so that a person can choose the best earbuds they would feel fits them perfectly. There is also the ear hooks, which still play an essential role in making sure you have the best fit by hooking the earbuds around the ears.

High metal construction for durability

The metal construction is becoming a common trend among many headphone manufacturers. Many people would be happy to get a model that will always guarantee them that they will end up with the best headphones that can last for a long time to come.

It is the same thing that you get whenever buying these headphones. They are designed to offer excellent durability thanks to the machined aluminum alloy constructions for the earpieces. Other than strength, you will still get a great look on the outside.

Full Function with battery indicator

There is a lot you can do with these headphones. They do weigh a lot less than other comparable models you might have used before. They weigh about 0.5 ounces and still deliver the best functionality that you would expect from headphones from such a reputable company.

Other than that, it still has a 3-button inline remote control for your use. This means that the next time you have to play, pause, change tracks, or adjust volume, this will always get you sorted out. Such full functionality has made them popular among people using phones and tablets.

An additional feature is that you can get to know precisely the remaining battery percentage if the model is paired with an iPhone or iPad. This helps you know how much playtime you still have with your phone.


· It comes with great sound experience

· Improved Bluetooth technology

· Great for receiving calls with clear sound

· It can support simultaneous connections


· Not great for high-impact activities such as running

· Issues with battery life have been reported

· It is easy to misplace them