Are you looking for the best cheap earbuds? Let’s review our top 10 best earbuds under 50 dollars that we have collected from many resources with much positive feedback from the customer. We hope that these headphones will adapt to all your demands at affordable prices. Take a short review about best in-ear headphones under 50 as below:

Brief Review Of Top 10 Best Earbuds Under 50

1. MEE Audio M6 PRO Universal – Best Cheap Earbuds


  • – Incredible Accuracy
  • – Used for a long time
  • – Low price


  • – Ear Tips are not fit for everyone

There is a big chance that you would like to find the right ear monitors that will allow you to listen to music that you have always wanted to listen to. Do remember that trying to find the right ear monitors can be a bit complicated when you do not know what you are supposed to expect, but if you know the right brand, you will know the right one for you. MEE Audio M6 PRO Universal-Fit Noise-Isolating Musician’s In-Ear-Monitors with Detachable Cables might be able to give you what you need.

Features You Can Expect to Get

You have to remember that knowing the features that you can get from the Product will always be relevant. You can decide if this is the right Product that you are supposed to get in the long run.

  • Universal Fit Noise Isolating In-Ear Monitors – No need to worry about hearing other sounds while you are using this Product because this feature will allow you to listen to the songs that you would like to listen to.
  • Studio Tuned Sound – Worried that the sound quality will not be as good as you would want it to be? No need to worry about this because you can be sure that sounds you will hear are crystal clear. The bass sounds can be great as well.
  • Detachable Cables – One of the things that usually breakdown, when earphones are being used, are the cables. This time, you can be sure that the wires will be more durable since they are detachable—no need to worry about anything at all.

Benefits to get from Product

Here are just some of the benefits that you will get when you make use of this Product:

  • Superior Fit and Comfort – One of the things that you may be worried about is the fact that this can fall off when you are using it, but this can offer superior fit and comfort, so you know that this will not fall off.
  • Balanced Sound – You can be sure that you will be able to listen to the sounds that you are looking to very well.
  • Solid Build – You can be sure that this is something that will help you out a lot because you would want something that can last for an extended period.


  • Incredible Accuracy: You can be sure that this is accurate enough to allow you to listen to it rather well. They have an excellent response when you are using this from one song to another.
  • Build Quality: It seems that some people are concerned that this might not be able to withstand the test of time, but actually, the build quality is fantastic, so this is durable enough to be used for a long time.
  • Affordable: If there is one thing that people would have to be sure about, it is the fact that this is highly affordable. You can be sure that for the specs and features that you will get, this can be good enough for you to use.


  • Hard to Troubleshoot: One of the reasons why people are dissatisfied with the type of sounds that they hear from it is because it can be a bit hard to troubleshoot. Some people do not know why the things that they listen to are just focused on the high range when this should not be the case.
  • Ear Tips Not fit for everyone: There may be some people who will be surprised to know that not any of the available ear tips will not fit their ears. No matter how they would want to use this Product.


With all of these details on the mind, you can already be sure that you will know what to expect with the use of these ear monitors. You can now play your instruments with ease and hear sounds the moment that you make use of this Product, and when you get to know its various features.

2.TaoTronics Bluetooth Headphone Review

A lot goes into making sure that you get the best headphones whenever you decide to get one for yourself. The manufacturers would take more time to give you the best sound quality and other features. It is what you get if you buy the TaoTronics Bluetooth headphones. They have created these headphones to deliver on the expectations that many people want in headphones today.

Some of the great features include impressive durability, new Bluetooth functionality, great sound, double link connection, and many others. If you are interested in buying the best headphones, you can check out more information about these headphones below.

Review of TaoTronics Bluetooth Headphone

Impressive pure sound

If you need the best performance, the chances are that you will need the best headphones that can deliver excellent sound quality. There is no need to settle for less when you are looking to spend more on the headphones.

You will not be disappointed by the sound quality that you get from the headphones. They are designed with the famous TaoTronics to feature AptX Pure Sound, which makes sure that you get clear sounds at always.

It is common for most people not to think even about comparing the wired and wireless models such as this one. With the use of this high technology, it is now possible for you to experience the same sound quality as the wired headphones.

Enhanced Bluetooth capability

Bluetooth technology has been growing over the years until now, where it is in the fourth version. As you can expect, there have been significant improvements to make sure that technology is excellent and delivers on the expectations of many people who need to use such technology.

These headphones have been built to have Bluetooth 4.1, which is impressive on all levels. This version of Bluetooth delivers on fast and efficient sound transfer between your media device and the headphones.

Thanks to the Bluetooth technology, a person is still able to experience a quick response to the commands and also operates at a lower frequency. You will not even experience any lags with the sound as they can run for longer and smoother.

Hands-free calling

Many people would not want to be kept away from their smartphones for long. Well, it is the reason you can still enjoy listening to music straight from your phone. You do not have to buy an additional device to store your music. Since you will be using the smartphone most of the time, what happens if someone calls you and you are plugged in listening to your music.

Well, you do not have to disconnect your headphones, but pick calls with the headphones still paired with your phone. The use of a precise voice capture noise cancellation technology helps in making sure that there is clear communication as if you were speaking through your phone directly.

More connections

The TaoTronics Bluetooth headphones are different from multiple features that you could use today. One feature that stands out should be double-link technology. The work of this technology is to help create two simultaneous connections. This means that you can connect the headphones to your phone and tablet. To control playing the music, you can pause one playing from your phones and start playing the next from your tablet.

Designed for a perfect fit

No one would want to end with earbuds that can easily fall out of the ears when walking around. These headphones present a great way of helping you keep the earbuds in your ears all the time until you have to take them out later on.

The manufacturer sends you the product with three differently sized earbuds. They are designed this way so that a person can choose the best earbuds they would feel fits them perfectly. There is also the ear hooks, which still play an essential role in making sure you have the best fit by hooking the earbuds around the ears.

Excellent metal construction for durability

The metal construction is becoming a common trend among many headphone manufacturers. Many people would be happy to get a model that will always guarantee them that they will end up with the best headphones that can last for a long time to come.

It is the same thing that you get whenever buying these headphones. They are designed to offer excellent durability thanks to the machined aluminum alloy constructions for the earpieces. Other than strength, you will still get a great look on the outside.

Full Function with battery indicator

There is a lot you can do with these headphones. They do weigh a lot less than other comparable models you might have used before. They weigh about 0.5 ounces and still deliver the best functionality that you would expect from headphones from such a reputable company.

Other than that, it still has a 3-button inline remote control for your use. This means that the next time you have to play, pause, change tracks, or adjust volume, this will always get you sorted out. Such full functionality has made them popular among people using phones and tablets.

An additional feature is that you can get to know precisely the remaining battery percentage if the model is paired with an iPhone or iPad. This helps you know how much playtime you still have with your phone.


  • It comes with great sound experience
  • Improved Bluetooth technology
  • Great for receiving calls with clear sound
  • It can support simultaneous connections


  • Not great for high-impact activities such as running
  • Issues with battery life have been reported
  • It is easy to misplace them


From using the latest technology to your headphones to impressive endurance, there’s nothing you can’t enjoy better music from today. Many people who have used it may agree that it will bring you the best effect, such as clear sound and better durability. Anyone who is looking for the best headset can easily find the best TaoTronics Bluetooth headset. You can also experience more than what headphones can offer if you get them for yourself today.

3.Sennheiser CX 300 II Precision Enhanced Bass Earbuds

There is a big chance that you would need new earphones because the one that you have used for quite a long time is not working anymore. You may be having some problems with its sound quality at present because it is not as good as you would want it to be.

Would you like to make sure that you will have the right earphones that you can use? You can be sure that this will help you out immensely. If in case you are having some trouble with checking out the various headphones that are available, you are sure that you will find the right headphones with Sennheiser CX 300 II Precision Enhanced Bass Earbuds.

Features of Sennheiser CX 300 II Precision Enhanced Bass Earbuds

You have to remember that knowing all the right elements of this earbuds will help you know exactly what you can do:

  • Soft Silicone Ear tips – You can be sure that you will be able to find the right silicone ear tips no matter what ear type you currently have. You can have one that is small, medium, or large, depending on what you need.
  • In-ear Canal Design – You can be sure that this will be effective in providing sound isolation, so you will be able to hear just the music that you are listening to when you are looking to music.
  • 16 – ohm Impedance – This makes it ideal for listening to various cell phones, tablets, and other music players that you have. You can use it for a lot of things, any gadget that you may have.

Getting to know the features will allow you to figure out what this product can offer. You have to remember that the moment that you get to know the elements, you can already decide if this is the right product for you to use.

Do you know that the pros and cons of the product will allow you to decide whether you can live with the limitations that this product may have? At the same time, you can also be sure that you will have a fun time trying out the pros because it can help you immensely.


  • Excellent for all types of music: Unlike other headphones wherein you would need to listen to various kinds of songs so that you can appreciate how the headphones work, you can be sure that this can be great for all kinds of music.
  • Sound Quality is Awesome: You can be sure that the sound quality of these headphones can be high enough. No matter what you are listening to, you can be sure that you will appreciate the songs immensely.
  • Lightweight: Carrying it around with you whether you have to use it somewhere else will not be a problem because you can place it inside your bag, and sometimes, some may even put it inside their pockets.


  • Not for Runners – If you plan on using this while you are running, this may not be that good because they will always manage to fall off from your ears.

Customer Score

A lot of people who have gotten this product are pleased with what they have gained from it. They know that this is good enough for listening to the sounds that they love hearing all the time. This can be perfect for everyone, although it may not be that good for joggers and runners who would like to listen to music at the same time.


Now that you already know about the things that you ought to do, you can be sure that this is one great product that you can use. Do remember that using these headphones may not be wise for runners but can be wise to use for everyone else.

4. Sennheiser MM30i

A few pros when compared to another headphone in the market

 Sound Quality – These headphones will not disappoint, though, as you can hear the sounds well. Sound leakage is not very likely, so you can be sure that when you listen to songs, you will only be hearing songs that you love listening to.

 Great Mic – Using this as a headset may work as well, and you can be sure that the person, on the other hand, will hear you clearly because of the great mic.

 Noise Canceling Feature – Having in-ear headphones that can cancel outside noises can be amazing, especially if you want to focus on your songs.

 Comfortable – If one of your major complaints about headphones is that they usually become uncomfortable after a few hours of use, you will be pleasantly surprised that these headphones can be used for an extended period without issues at all.

 Great design – The practical design makes it ideal to be used anytime, anywhere.

5.Symphonized NRG 2.0 Premium Genuine Wood In-ear Noise-isolating Headphones

A few pros when compared to another headphone in the market

 Clear and Precise Sounds – If you would like to hear the bass of songs and even their highs with absolute clarity, then you know that these headphones will not let you down because they will be able to give that.

 High Noise Isolation – If you would like to make sure that you will not hear the sounds produced by other factors when you are listening to music, these headphones can give high noise isolation that you will have no trouble appreciating.

 Rubber Surround Microphone – No need to worry that the microphone will not last long because it is protected well by the rubber surround system.

 Inner Mesh for Earphones – One of the reasons why headphones may become unhygienic over time is because the earphones do not have mesh on some parts. These headphones have mesh on the inner portion and even the outer portion to prevent possible dirt from coming in and destroying the headphones.

6.Sony MDRXB50AP Extra Bass Earbud Headset

There is a Good Deal of people who love listening to music, but it is only reasonable for people to make sure that the type of earphones that they would have will make music very lovely to hear. If you are searching for the right headset to use, this may be a bit complicated because there are so many things that you have to consider.

Searching for the right headset can be stopped if you would use a Sony MDRXB50AP This type of headset may be better suited for the younger customers – usually those who are teenagers because the style of the headset can be very appealing to the young market. Still, even if you are already an adult and you love listening to music, this may be the type of headset that you are searching for at present.


  • Available in Three Different Shades – If you would love to have choices when it comes to having the right colors that you can use, you can be sure that this headset will have what you need.
  • Great Design – You can be sure that the design can be well appreciated by those who are young and even those who are young at heart.
  • Powerful Sounds – It comes with specially designed high energy neodymium magnets. This makes sure that you will hear great and powerful bass sounds that will allow you to enjoy the powerful music that you may need to hear.
  • Can be Used for Smartphones – If in case you are searching for the right headset that will allow you to use headphones when you are traveling and connect it to your smartphone well, this is the right one to use.
  • Comfortable Fit – If in case you are having some problems with the fit of the other headsets that you have tried, this is one headset that will allow you to stay comfortable when you have it on your ear
  • Tangle Free Cable – One of the main problems that you may encounter is the fact that you have ruined it because of always getting tangled inside your bag with all the other things that you have. You need not worry about this anymore because this comes with a tangle-free cable that will allow you to enjoy the music you are listening to without worrying about the tangles that your cord will start to receive.
  • Comes with a Pouch – If in case you would need to bring this with you when you are traveling, this will be easy to do since this comes with a pouch.


  • Quality is So So – Although the condition can already be considered to be good, there may be other products for the same price that can be regarded as better.
  • Dynamic EQ Functionalities Sometimes Fail – There are instances when the Dynamic EQ Functionalities would need to be adjusted from time to time. This can be very hard to work on.

What’s in the Box?

This product comes with hybrid silicone earbuds that come in various sizes like extra small, small, medium, and large. This will allow people to have correctly sized earbuds for them. This also comes with a cord adjuster that will let you fix the cord depending on how much length you need. If you would need the range to belong, you can adjust it depending on what you need. The carry pouch can be used when traveling. There are also operating instructions available, as well as the warranty card. The warranty card can be highly beneficial if in case the item suddenly breaks down before the warranty ends.

Sony MDRXB50AP Extra Bass Earbud Headset Connectivity

The great thing about this headset is that this comes with a universal adapter style cord, which means that you can use it for a lot of compatible phones that are available. This needs to be connected to the smartphone or the gadget, and it can be used.


If you would think about all of the pros that Sony MDRXB50AP Extra Buss Earbud Headset, you can be sure that this is one product that is worth it. You can consider it to be a decent buy, especially since it does not cost a lot of money to purchase. One of the best things about this headset is the fact that it is created by Sony, which is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to gadgets right now. You can be sure that all of the products that are being launched by Sony has undergone thorough research before they can be available.

7.UMIDIGI Bluetooth Headphones Sport Earbuds

If you have always wished for earbuds that can deliver on the best performance and multiple uses, then you can enjoy one today with the UMIDIGI Bluetooth headphones. The use of wireless connectivity is something that attracts many people today to choose these earbuds. They get to deliver the sound quality that you have always needed. Let us get to know more about the headphones below.

UMIDIGI Bluetooth Headphones Review

High-quality sound

If It Comes to Selecting the Top Headset, you can never miss the need to have high-quality sound output. There are potent speakers integrated into the headphones that are all important for the sound quality you get with the model. Ou may be just one of the men, and women do not like the ambient noise; well, this model has got you sorted with this problem. The CVC 6.0 ambient noise reduction algorithm provides the optimal listening experience. With the ambient noise reduced, it is something that you can now enjoy listening to the music.

Still, on sound, Bluetooth 4.1 technology delivers the right sound experience with no distortions. The other versions of Bluetooth might have had the problem of distortion, but not for this one. The combination of Bluetooth technology with A2DP support, the result is that you get class-leading wireless audio with no traces of distortion at all.

Ergonomic design and secure ear hook

Who would not want to listen to music while jogging outdoors? This is for people who might not have jogging partners they can talk to while working out at the gym or even running. You need to have the best earphones that can handle such cases of working out. Thanks to its ergonomic and secure fit design, it should be perfect for various outdoor activities.

Checking out a couple of reviews on the same product shows that many users have benefited from using the earbuds to workout. Some of the other models might have been hard to stay in the ear, but all the ends today with these earbuds that come with a different design.

Advanced sweat/water protection

For a product that would be used for jogging, hiking, or cycling, you can always expect that it would also be exposed to sweat or water splashes. The manufacturer had to make sure that the user was confident enough to use the product without any worries.

The manufacturer used the IPX4 sweatproof materials to make sure that it is suitable for handling the outdoor work. You will no longer have to think about issues such as the earbuds easily breaking down after a while. The material is also great to work even in cases of splashing water. With such construction and durability, there is no reason why you cannot go for workouts anymore.

Great working time

For the wireless earbuds, battery life gives you the chance to listen to the favorite tracks at any time that you want. What can be a downside is when the battery life is shorter, thus making the earbuds not to serve their purpose.

The battery life of these earbuds is set at 6 hours. This means you could enjoy listening to music continuously for 6 hours without the need for recharging. The earbuds can also standby for 160 hours when not in use, but on. The Next Time That You’re currently looking for the best way to experience clear highs and driving bass for a workout; this should be your choice.

Easily compatible

Another selling point of any earbuds would be the compatibility that it has to offer. You do not want to wind up using various audio or media devices that you own easily. With these earbuds, you can connect to the iPhone, iPad, tablets, Android smartphones, and many other Bluetooth devices.

There is the built-in Mic important for making or receiving calls while on the go. The next time you need to take the call, you will not have to disconnect the phone from the earbuds. Well, what about the sound quality of the MIC? Do not worry as the mic is designed to deliver on the high-quality sound most people desire in their earbuds.

Class-leading comfort

If you are going to enjoy wearing the earbuds the whole day, at least they should be comfortable. You don’t want to wind up using earbuds that would be straining your ears after wearing them for just a few hours.

To ensure that there is top-quality comfort with these earbuds, they are made of advanced materials and precision crafting is also involved. The crafting on overall makes you end up with an ultra-light pair of earbuds.

That is not all; you still get deluxe interchangeable earbuds with the model. This means that you can always interchange the earbuds to what you like whenever possible. The use of the special ear hooks is an excellent way of ending up with a secure and snug fit that is comfortable for most people.

My Take

With working out being something that people embrace today, why not do it in style. It is possible that you can always end up working out better with the right earbuds. They will always keep you entertained while working out. One thing that makes the earbuds to stand out should be the design. The design will keep the earbuds in position even if you keep on working out much harder. It is actually worth every penny that you spend on it.


  • It has an immaculate and sleek design
  • It offers a secure and perfect fit
  • It has a mic for taking calls
  • It is loud enough for Bluetooth headphones


  • The hook design is a bit too long
  • It does not have super heavy bass


As you can see, the earbuds are all great when it comes to their performance and usability. It is always crucial that you get them when you are looking to enjoy some good times outdoors. With an impressive battery life of 6 hours when listening to music, you can keep on enjoying the tracks while working out. The snug fit makes sure that you never have to

8.A – Audio A41 High Definition Earphones

There are a lot of people who cannot help but search for the right headphones that they can use for their everyday lives. While it started as something that was used by a limited number of people, more and more people started using it because of various reasons. It may be because using earphones can help people listen to music well.

It seems that because of the current trend about headphones, more and more companies are starting to make their very own headphones. Such is the case with A – Audio A41 High Definition Earphones, which is very pleasing to the eye. The design itself is straightforward to look at because of the classy colors of the earphones. The earphones are colored silver and black. Most users find the design of these earphones incredibly stylish.


  • Classic Shade – Unlike other headphones that will be hard to bring out because of how they look like, the shades of this headset are straightforward to appreciate. The liquid black color, as well as the liquid chrome, can be very classy.
  • Noise Isolating – No need to worry about hearing other sounds aside from the music that you are listening to when you are using this headset because of its noise isolating feature.
  • High Tech Components – Are you thinking about the sound that you are going to hear when you start listening to this headset? You can be sure that the components will make sure that the sounds can be heard well.
  • Can Be Used for Smartphones – Having trouble searching for the right headset that will allow you to talk to other people with the use of your smartphone? You know that this can be very beneficial for you.
  • Offers a Lot of Details – When you are listening to the songs that you love to listen to, you can be sure that you will hear all the correct details from the lows, the mids, and the highs. You can be sure that note transitioning will be very smooth. The bass that can be heard through this headset is considered to be very good.
  • In-Line Microphone and Remote Control – You can be sure that you will have no trouble with using this whenever you need it. The remote control will also make it easy to skip songs if you would want to.


  • Flimsy – Some customers have reported that they are a bit disappointed with the way that the headset looks like since it may be a bit shaky, especially when compared to other headsets that come at the same price.

What’s in the Box?

It will always be essential to know what you are purchasing together with the headset when you take it. This comes with the usual cord that will allow you to connect it to your devices with ease. It comes with three earbud size range (small, medium, and astronomical). This also comes with a pouch that will allow you to bring it from one place to another.

A-Audio A41 High Definition Earphones, Black/Chrome Connectivity

There is a big chance that you would like to make use of the right headset when you are using your smartphone, and this may be the one that you need as you can easily connect it to your iOS powered smartphone or gadget. With the use of the headset, you may change the volume by pressing a few buttons. There are some reports that it might not be as effective in Android gadgets, though.

Skipping songs and answering calls can also be comfortable with the use of this headset. Connecting this to the gadget that you are going to use can be reasonably comfortable. It would help if you connected it, and it will already be recognized by your device provided, of course, that it is compatible with the device that you are using.


If you would consider all of the things that you can get when you check out A – Audio A41 High Definition Earphones, you cannot help but admit that this is one great headphone that can be used when you are listening to the type of music that you love to hear. Aside from its very classic and fresh looking design, you can be sure that this headset will give you the type of sound that you can expect to get.

9.Brainwavz Delta Black IEM Earphones

A few pros when compared to other headphone in the market

 Nicely Labeled Earphones – You can expect that these earphones will be properly labeled so that you will not have any issues with the sound

 All Metal Housing – The all metal housing will allow this to be more durable as compared to other earphones that may have the same price range.

 3 Button Remote – No need to worry about using these earphones with Android devices because the buttons will let you control the sounds that you will hear without having to look at your phone’s screen.

 Lightweight – Bringing this with you whenever you need to will not be an issue. You can easily bring these earphones from place to place.

10.JVC HAFX1X Headphone Xtreme-Xplosivs

Do you think that you would need the right headphones that will allow you to get the things that you need? Searching for the right headphones can be complicated because of the wide variety of available brands, but you do not need to search anymore because you can find JVC HAFX1X Headphone Xtreme –Xplosivs easily. It might give you what you are searching for.


  • Powerful Bass: You can expect that this comes with powerful bass sounds that can be perfect for some of the songs that you usually listen to. You can be sure that you will get great sounds when you look at this.
  • Sound Noise Isolation: Worried that you can still hear what is happening with your surroundings while you are listening to songs? You can be sure that this comes with excellent noise isolation that can help you out immensely.
  • Build Quality: Some people may not like the way that the headphones look like, but they cannot say anything wrong about the build quality. They may be a bit bulky as compared to the other headphones that are available, but you can be sure that the cords that this can come with will not tangle with any of the different designs that you may have.
  • Convenience: You can be sure that even if the headphones look heavy, they can be lighter than the usual full-sized headphones that you can see in the market at present. They can sit comfortably on your ears, so this means that you do not have to worry about the headphones falling off while you are using it. The fact that it comes with silicone earpieces in different sizes will allow you to choose the right one for you.


  • Design Not Liked by Everyone – While there may be some people who will think that the design is good enough, some people will also believe that the plan may be too aggressive for their taste.
  • Mids not that Great – While the bass and high sounds are good enough, the mid-tones can be significantly improved for better listening pleasure.

More about characteristic of JVC HAFX1X

Headphone Design

This type of headphones can be different from what you may expect to get from the usual headphones because you can be sure that it can be quite different from what you can expect to get. The red and black colors of the headphones can make it stand out from the crowd. The logo ‘XX’ can be seen clearly at the back of the headphones.


The great thing about this is that you can be sure that this comes with a 3.55 stereo straight plug that you can use with all of your Apple devices. If you have some Android devices, this can be compatible as well. You can use this for your different needs.


If you are searching for affordable headphones that can help you out tremendously, you can be sure that this is the headphone that you may be searching for based on the things that it can offer you and what you can get from it.