If you look around, it is easy to spot someone in earbuds each time you turn around. If you are also intrigued to get yourself some earbuds, then you must get to do it right. The best thing would have the best bass earbuds that can make you have that clubbing experience. The earbuds should not just be about the bass, but also a perfect balance for the mids to ensure that you enjoy listening to music. Check out the following types of best bass headphones you could yourself today.
Top 5 best bass earbuds review

ATH-CKS99 Solid Bass In-Ear Portable Headphones

Being Audio Technica model, then you can always expect to find a lot more if you were looking for the best bass earbuds. It is a reliable product you could use every day if you like traveling, but with some great sound around you. The best part is that it does not cost you a lot to get one for yourself.
Sound quality
Without a doubt, the sound quality is something desirable in most earbuds. You would not want to spend a lot of your money on headphones that cannot deliver on the best sound quality that you need. The first thing you notice would be the prominent bass you get with the model. The midrange, on the other hand, is recessed before the treble can kick in. For a long time, this has been a selling point for these earbuds. You would always be sure that it can deliver the right sound any person would love to hear.
They are not among the best bass headphones for nothing. The manufacturer gave it a full bass with additional emphasis on the earbud’s midbass. For many people, this should be an okay construction for them. It can, however, get distracting if you end up listening to a track with more midbass emphasis. The result is that you end up with a record that sounds thick to some extent.

The midrange of this model is a significant improvement from what you faced with the CKS99 model. You should be in a position to hear the recessed vocals easily with the midrange. Most people who have used it can agree that it is smooth and detailed at the same time when listening to the earbuds. There is no doubt that you would want to keep on listening to music through these best bass earbuds all day long.
The treble is still prominent with this model. It could be a flaw to some people who are keen on the sound, but it would sound normal for some other people. The company tried to achieve that perfect balance between the bass and treble, and they sure did a great job.
Design and quality

These headphones are supposed to sound and look great at the same time. The housing might be plastic, but the manufacturer has given it some additional accents that make it look different and more beautiful. Overall, the manufacturer did a great job of making sure that you get a model that has a sturdy look and sounds great too. The sturdy cables should get you going for a long time to come.
The comfort of any bass earbuds means a lot to the buyer. Most of the time, you would want a model that does not end up making your ears itch or feel as if wearing the earbuds is an irritation. The best way to do that would be choosing these best bass headphones. They are made to be quite comfortable so that you can wear them over long periods. Well, some people might not find them suitable to their satisfaction, but they are suitable for ordinary comfort to help you listen to music.
• Impressive bass sound
• Clear audio
• Great for sound isolation
• Not so comfortable for some people

Pioneer SE-CX8-S Headphone

If you like great music, what would make it even more enjoyable would be using the best bass earbuds to listen to the music. The Pioneer earbuds over the years would easily stand out as the best because they are. They would often come with multiple features important for making them the right choice in most cases. Ask anyone who has used pioneer products before; the answer would be that they always deliver the best sound quality. As you can see, it is not just the earbuds, but other sound products you get from the company. Back to the earbuds, you should expect better performance thanks to its construction and design. It is built for better performance.
Feel the music
Anyone who loves listening to their music, what matters is the sound quality they would get from the earbuds. If you like the bass that you get while clubbing, then that is the same experience you get from the earbuds each time you use them. The high-performance drivers are all responsible for producing the bass and volume that can get you grooving all along. The result is that you get to enjoy the music on an entirely new level.
As an excellent addition, you get that subwoofer feeling with Pioneer SE-CX8-S, thanks to the built-in vibrating bass exciter element. You might think there is a subwoofer in your ears. Well, some people might be concerned about the effect on their ears, but you can be sure they would not hurt you at all.
Multiple users who have enjoyed the headphones before agree that the bass exciter makes them like these best bass headphones even more. They are now sure that they can use it more often to enjoy themselves listening to their favorite jams whenever they want, and it would still sound as if they are at the club.
The build and design
It is incredible how you can end up with the best earbuds quickly and end up listening to your favorite jams with ease. It is not just about the sound; Pioneer SE-CX8-S still offers the best design you have ever used before. The manufacturer made it to feature metallic madness like you have never seen before. The high-quality metal finish is what you need to make the model stand out. If a person sees you wearing these earbuds, he would know that you are a person who appreciates taste and style too. You can get the model in different colors such as indigo-black, bright copper, and polished silver. Always choose the one you feel works excellent for you.
Take control of the playlist
You get a detachable cord essential for controlling your music and picking calls thanks to the inline microphone and an integrated remote control. Picking your calls and changing the music has never been easy. You can use these earbuds with Android or Apple devices. Thanks to their high compatibility, they can work great with different types of media devices.
Comfort would always be valuable to anyone who is looking to have a great time listening to music each day. The best part is that you need to ensure you get the right earbuds all the time. Pioneer SE-CX8-S comes with accessories such as three sizes of soft silicone ear tips that help the user pick only the fitting ones. What you get is super comfortable and noise isolating earbuds in the end.
• It has a high bass impact
• Presents a unique listening experience
• Detachable cord
• Great bass depth
• Always feels bulky
• It is pricey

Panasonic Drops 3600 Luxe Premium In-Ear

Be prepared to be amazed by the type of sound quality that you get with the Panasonic Drop 360. They are carefully designed to ensure that you end up with the best way of listening to music. You do not have to worry about anything, such as low sound quality, as you will always have to enjoy yourself each time listening to music.
Top-level sound
One thing that makes the model to be the best in music, it is the dual axial drivers. These are set of voice coils with neodymium magnets essential for making sure you have the right sound each time. The result of using such technology is that you will always end up to achieve a deep and rich bass, with the mid-tones being bright.

Probably at some point, you might have experienced issues such as sound distortion with other types of earbuds. All that changes whenever you get to switch to a great model such as this one. The manufacturer built it with a vibration suppressing house made of aluminum metal. The work of such housing is to help minimize the waves that would be caused by the massive bass boost from the earbuds. The result is that you always get the best sound output even at high volumes where you would expect the vibrations. When using these headphones, you would quickly forget about the sound distortions commonly faced whenever choosing the other types of earbuds.
Stay-in type of earbuds
If your earbuds tend to fall more often, you are likely to end up being upset. You would wish for the earbuds that can stay put all the time and make sure you have the best listening experience. The manufacturer designed these earbuds to fit in your ears comfortably and remain in there until you take them out. The best part is that they can still stay put even when doing other activities such as walking and running. With such a feature, it is easy to see why many people would love to use it more often.
Secure call and music management
Managing your calls and music just got better whenever using these headphones. Thanks to the mic and additional buttons, you can simply switch from one track to another and still pick up your call. No more need to remove the cable before you can pick the call each time. The model is always highly compatible with various music devices you would want to use. It can work with Apple, Android, and Blackberry devices.
Great for travel

What most people would think about would be traveling and still listening to their favorite music. The earbuds have been designed to ensure that you get the best fit and comfort at all times. To ensure that support is never an issue, the manufacturer provides you with different types of earpads. You can have small, large, and medium earpads. The idea is that you get to choose the ones that you feel work great for you. With the product being made of oxygen-free copper, you can be sure that their durability is also guaranteed.
• They have minimal sound distortion
• Highly durable
• Easily fits for most people
• The earpads do not fall easily
• The small earpads are often seen to be too small to fit most people

Brainwavz M2 In-Ear Noise Isolation IEM Headphones

The M2 model is another success to come from Brainwavz, which is a company that has been making the best bass earbuds for a while now. The manufacturer assures the users to enjoy using a model that would make them enjoy more of the best headphones each time. The M2 will give you a detailed and refined sound that you have always wished to find in the earbuds. With its sound signature, you should be in a position to end up with the best bass headphones in town right now.
What would attract you more to choosing this model would be its durability in addition to the sound quality. The manufacturer went all at it by making it have an aluminum housing, which is lightweight and still robust altogether. The strain relief you get added to the earbud housing is seen to do its job quite well.

The standard-issue people might face with earbuds is the cabling. If the wiring is weak, then it might break in no time. You should be in luck whenever buying this model as it comes with a high-quality cable that prevents it from snapping any time soon. The top quality cable is also vital to help preserve the sound quality from your device to ensure that the user gets to listen to some great tunes each time.
As much as they might not be waterproof, a little rain and sweat will not end up destroying them. They would still be working and for a long time. The build quality is what you would always expect from the IEM models.
Comfort features
When it comes to comfort, you should feel comfortable enough listening to the music from your device without worrying about discomfort setting any time soon. You would still have to find the right fit by having the comply foam tips included. The result is that you get comfortable earbuds that are better that your standard earbuds you get from stores close to you.
The sound

To be among the best bass earbuds, the manufacturer had to make sure that they sounded the part of being the best. For those who have used it, they can always agree that its sound quality is good for its price. It will always be worth what you are paying for each time you listen through them.
The sound signature comes in as being with a lot of bass that it can overpower other comparable models in its category. It is not just about the bass, but also get to enjoy other types of sound. The dynamic sound you get from the earbuds should, for sure, get you enjoying different kinds of music today.
Sound enthusiasts have gone ahead to claim that it delivers precise and rich mids for its price. They do not sound too harsh that you feel throwing the earbuds away. After using them to listen to most tracks, you should keep on using them for different applications. It is the reason you would get many people using them for traveling or just relaxing.
• Comes with a high build
• Comfortable
• They are affordable
• Offers great sound quality
• Low sound isolation capability
• Earbud markings for sides are not clear

Sony MDR-ED12LP Budstyle Headphones

Sony just made sure that each time they release new earbuds, they get to be the talk of town each time. The best thing you can ever do today is to get yourself these best bass earbuds. The company, over the years, has continued to produce the best earbuds, and it seems this one has followed the same patterns. The significant part is that you would always love the type of sound that you get from the model. Over the years, it has helped many people ditch their low-quality earbuds and get the best sounds from such earbuds.
All that hype you get about the quality of music does not come from just any conventional drivers. The manufacturer used significant 16mm drivers, which are essential for delivering the best sound quality as known to come from Sony.
The drivers will not be of any good unless there are the Neodymium magnets, which are crucial for the powerful sound reproduction each time you get to use the earbuds. It is common to find multiple companies using such types of magnets on their high-end models. You would be surprised by just how much it would cost you to get these best bass headphones. The cheap price sticker should not make you think that they cannot deliver the best sound you always need.
As if that was not all, the manufacturer had to include a bass booster as part of MDR-ED12LP. The result is that you always enjoy having a great time listening to bass with the earbuds. It is the reason you will still get it on the list of best bass headphones.
The mids and highs for a long time have proven to be great to ensure you end up with the right model that sounds great. You will always be happy with the model each time you get to use it thanks to the high-quality sound output.
Tangle free
Ask anyone about the most annoying thing about the earbuds, and the answer would always be that they tend to tangle easily. If that is the case, you have to think about the alternative to such type of headphones. These come with an innovative way to prevent instances of cable tangling. They are built with a cord slider so that you end up avoiding it from tangling any time soon. Whenever a cable does not table more often, the result is that you end up not worrying about the cable breaking internally at different positions.
Comfort and style
Earbuds would always be something that people like if they have the best styling. If the styling is right, then you would get more people going for them. For this model, you would love to enjoy the styling you get from these earbuds. They are designed to deliver the best looks with the bud style that many people would like.
Other than the styling, the comfort is also an important aspect. Many people would always want a model with great pleasure whenever they have to listen to music. This model comes featuring a high level of comfort, which should be enough for the price it is retailing. As much as it might face a bit of competition from other models, it has the comfort most people would love to use when listening to their favorite jams.
• Comes with an impressive bass
• Its cord is tangle-free
• Highly durable
• Earbuds tend to fall out of ears

By now, you should be intrigued to choose one of the best models of the best bass earbuds. All the models mentioned above come with multiple features that make them the best among many in the industry. If you had problems before choosing the right model, then you have a way of at least going for a model that delivers the best features according to your preference.